To live Pure is a choice, and pure power is the result of that choice!

Innerme is a way of life in feeding your body the absolute best it deserves, because it absolutely does! The right selection and preparation of naturally nutrient-rich foods leads to pure power, giving enormous energy and vitality for your entire being. Innerme SPORTS NUTRITION is an energy and balance product line of organic bars, gels and drinks. The book OP WEG NAAR BALANS is not only a source of inspiration but also a compendium of nutritional facts, a library of easy-to-follow super meals and a guide to a healthier life full of energy!

Dirk Baelus is the living proof of Innerme! He’s an inspiration for so many people around the world (top athletes, recreational sporters, diabetics) and his achievements as a Triathlete and Ironman competitor are remarkable to say the least. The man has energy to the equivalence of the Sun! His passion for the sport and macrobiotics is highly contagious. Dirk Baelus is as well-mannered and compassionate a human being as they come; he is the embodiment of Innerme!

Who is?

Dirk Baelus

Innerme was conceived by Dirk Baelus.


Dirk is a very tenacious, diligent and consummate Triathlete, who prefers to compete in full Triathlons (3,8km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42,2 km running). However, there’s yet another passion in his life… Dirk is a consummate nutritionist in organic- and macrobiotic nutrition. His book ‘OP WEG NAAR BALANS’  is a manifestation of his passion and dedication for the sport and his fervency in providing his mind and body the absolute best in nutrition.

Dirk soon realized that, in order for him to compete at the top-level in Triathlon, he had to search for an alternative source of nutrition. He discovered that natural nutrient-rich foods made him stronger, and when prepared in the right manner are simply the best way to gain energy and vitality. It is the main reason why Dirk is such a great proponent of macrobiotics and its advantages for everybody! Dirk has always placed a lot of thought into what type of nutrition to take with him during training or competition, but more so the type of nutrition that would be practical to travel with. During his training camp he experimented a lot with all sorts of nutrient-rich foods. The result was compact nutrition food that would fuel his body and mind !

This is how Dirk Baelus developed Innerme SPORTS NUTRITION!

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In the Ironman Hawaii 2013 Dirk wanted to see if he could complete a full Triathlon using only innerme products. Indeed, not only did he finish, Dirk managed to set his best time ever! He only needed 9 bars, 10 energy gels and 4,5L of Balance Drink!

Innerme SPORTS NUTRITION products!


The Innerme-bars will be re-launched in the spring of 2016!

There are 2 new bars!
• Innerme Protein Bar (20g protein): great unique and delicious bar with protein from rice, almonds and quinoa (100% vegan and organic)
• Innerme Fruit & Nut Bar as a healthy snack (100% vegan and organic)

In the meanwhile, the development continues of Innerme SPORTS NUTRITION

Kind regards, Dirk ”

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The amazing PURE POWER product line is solely based on pure and power ingredients.
These products have a revitalising effect and a constant and optimum flow of energy! It’s that Pure&Simple!





Where to buy?


Innerme SPORTS NUTRITION products is available in your dietary and sports stores or via online shopping!


Sponsored Top Athletes


Talent and dedication are required to reach the very top.
But combined with Innerme PURE POWER these top athletes perform better, longer and recuperate faster!

Innerme Triatlon Team

Triathlon Team, onder leiding van Dirk Baelus, voor recreant & pro, in combinatie met een gezonde levensstijl waar natuurlijke voeding centraal staat.

Trail Team Salomon Belgium

In 2015, for the fifth year in a row Salomon have a trail team in Belgium in 2015. Five runners, one woman and four men, will represent the colours of the French brand in both national and international trail races. 

Frederic Glorieux - Cyclist

Frederic Glorieux is a succesful Belgian Gran Fondo rider thanks to Innerme. Read his story.


A little over two years ago I changed my diet dramatically. Everything that was suggested to me for years by experts in sports nutrition and where I became a slave of was suddenly in jeopardy. 




Gluten Intolerance

Sport: Biking
Year of birth : 1973
Location : Putte

Dirk convinced me, through his book PURE POWER, in early 2012 about the power of wholesome foods inspired by macrobiotics. After having followed several workshops of Dirk my enthusiasm has reached levels beyond containment. The first step for me was to wean out the sugars, which was actually a piece of cake (motivation makes everything possible).

During an individual training of 160km I consumed a hearty breakfast of macrobiotic as a test and left out all simple sugars. With only 3 cans of tea, a few innerme bars and some nuts a new era just dawned upon me.

The evidence for me was crystal clear! You do not ever need those simple sugars!

I used to get sick after a long drive and never really knew why! Now I know, it’s the refined sugar and fructose I chose for as a source of energy. When a body is missing a number of substances it react with hunger in the hope that it get these substances. Since I have been taking wholesome foods on long trips I’ve never had a sudden surge of uncontrolled hunger or binge. And I’ve learned to trust my body’s natural innate power.

Because your body is pure your mind will push for more intensity, which will make you stronger. And Innerme PURE POWER will allow you body to recuperate much faster. This makes the chance of injuries so much more smaller because when you resume training your body has recovered fully! I never leave on a long workout without a pair of PURE POWER bars or ENERGY GELS. Once you get used to the flavour and composition of these wonderful products there’s simply no going back!

I have to say that my favourite flavour is still cinnamon. And at the office I always reach for my snack of choice with some delicious Kukicha tea.

Dennis B. (Athlete)


Sport: MTB
Age: 35 years
Location: Sint-Amands
Results in 2013:
- Cape Epic in South Africa: 2 wins and podium in final classifications
- Winner raid des Hautes-Fanges – Malmedy, B
A 115km MTB marathon in terrible weather and more than 3500 vertical meters. How do you go about it? With tremendous legs and loaded with healthy and pure energy! You absolutely need plenty of energy while you are on the road to replenish your body fuel. And in my opinion there’s no better line of products for this serious endeavour than Innerme PURE POWER bars, gel and drink!

The right preparation wins half the battle! And my MTB marathon actually begins a day before. Saturday at 18:00 I eat a hearty serving of buckwheat noodles with stir-fried courgettes and at 20:00 a small salad just for fun.
With a light, almost empty stomach I hit the sack for a good night rest. Before I met Dirk, and his superb diet and preparation, I would cram every inch of my stomach with food and then roll myself to bed. I will spare you writing about the great discomfort this would give me the next morning. But enough about that. In the morning I get my thermos with miso soup, in the case of absence of a cooking fire I put it in the microwave. I let a large portion of mochi warm up along with the soup. The microwave works just fine because the it makes the mochi tender. I also eat a bowl of rice and some whole wheat porridge with rice milk. By now it’s six o’clock, three hours before the game. I can feel the butterflies…

About 15 minutes before the start I eat an Innerme PURE POWER bar (green tea). On my back I wear a Camelbak with two liters of Bancha tea. In my bags I carry four Innerme green tea bars and my 500ml water bottle filled with a rice drink, apple sauce and tuff for the home stretch. This all must take me through 115 kilometers of moutain biking. While I am on the road I never get a dip in energy and my body gives me a sign in time to replenish the lost energy. Along the way I savour the taste and texture of the bars. To me those bars are true virtue.

The horrible weather and the mud makes my ride a lot slower than I expected and the last 25 miles I start to starve… I reach into my pockets and realise that I am out of bars. I’ve made a huge miscalculation. My stomach is growling, but I realise that the hunger I’m feeling is normal and actually a healthy sign because normally I have to force myself to eat during competitions. Only to bad I packed a few bars short for this ride. Luckily it’s not all too dramatic, because despite the hunger I can keep going. And of course I still have my bottle with the rice drink and applesauce. What a glorious feeling the few sips that follow.

After 7 hours and 36 minutes I cross the finishline as the first woman. For me this is a double victory: to be the very first female across the line and to finish the race 100% on the pure power of Innerme. 

Sara Mertens (Athlete)

Gluten Intolerance

Sport: Triathlon
Age: 43 years
Location: Leefdaal
Following severe bowel problems in the summer of 2011 I was diagnosed with gluten and fructose intolerance. I dare anyone to find a gluten- and fructose free energy bar! For me there’s only Innerme and it’s so much more than only an energy bar as it’s loaded with minerals and vitamins! I use the bars especially during long bike workouts (3 – 7 hours) and like to switch between Energy and Balance for some variation. What I especially love is the size convenience, the bars fit just about anywhere. I consume about one bar per hour, this gives me plenty of pure energy and most importantly my body tolerates them very well. Half a bar is easy to chew during exercise, the bars aren’t sticky, melts in your mouth and have a fairly neutral flavour. When I feel like having a snack of some sorts the bars match the perfect criteria!

Marino Difebbo (Gluten Intolerance)


As an avid supporters of healthy wholesome foods I find the Innerme products not just ideal but the answer to my long and exhaustive search to an energy source that has plenty of other benefits for you body.

The unique bars are full of healthy ingredients such as rice, sesame seeds, seaweed and most important of all the right sugars to keep the energy levels high. I find the bars to be perfect as a snack and a welcome companion for on the road. And energy dips are a thing of the past with the PURE POWER bars! 

Pim (Recreational)


Sport: MTB (main sport), running and swimming
Age: 35yrs
Location: Grimbergen
I find this product to be quite unique! It’s easily digestible, absolute compact (great convenience) in size and 1 bar delivers sufficient energy for a quality workout!

The taste separates the bars from anything else on the market. The bars have a somewhat neutral taste, not sweet, not sticky and because of its texture and composition creates a unique feel in the mouth.

I use the bars especially before and during exercises and less after exercise. And as a snack these bars give you plenty of healthy energy.

Frank J. (Athlete)

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